LDS girls, Do LDS Things, In LDS Ways... and this is exactly what makes an LDS girl, different from their peers. In a world, where most girls have no direction and no real reason for being "good" - LDS girls actually DO!

LDS girls who know who they are - make better choices.
So, I suppose you could apply the saying that "knowledge is power"? But even more important than a general statement like that... is knowing that the knowledge you embrace, just happens to be - the TRUTH.

LDS girls operate, and therefore make choices - that are anchored in eternal truths. Do LDS girls make mistakes? You bet they do! But after they hit themselves upside the head a bit for doing so - they will most always learn from those mistakes.

How can a girl know what is right, if no one ever offers her truth - by which to compare and analyze her choices, actions and the results that are caused by her use of agency? LDS girls are blessed to have been offered by loving parents, leaders and living prophets today - the TRUTH.

I honor these LDS girls from their teen years, and up to the time where they make the most important decisions of a young women today. Education, relationships and ultimately marriage and family. LDS young women are making good choices, based on their very personal experiences of utilizing the truth that they know, against that which the world would have them believe.

LDS girls know how to "Stand For Something" in a world that is fast becoming extremely wayward and lost to moral values.

So yes... LDS Girls Do LDS Things in LDS Ways, because they KNOW!


Monday, April 20, 2009

Miss California Speaks OUT For Traditional Marriage!

This is so KOOL... Last night during the interview portion of the Miss USA Pageant, Miss California - Carrie Prejean, was asked about her feelings on the topic of gay marriage, by none other than Perez Hilton himself - a very gay man.

As many of you are aware, the very controversial subject of legalizing same-sex marriage in California, is an incredibly hot button - politically. It is obvious that Mr. Hilton "assumed" that he would get the answer that he wanted to promote all across America by asking Miss California for her personal opinion. Check this out!

There is a lot of speculation now, as to whether Miss California may have lost the title of Miss America, because of her response. What do you think?


Note: This should be a very interesting story to follow... and we will!

: FYI - Carrie Prejean is not Mormon. The assumption that she is, because she simply lives in California - is IMHO very unfortunate. There are many people who support traditional marriage in California - that are NOT Mormon. I posted this, because I was proud to see a young woman stand up for her values - in opposition to a very liberal media. I could blog about my feeling in this regard, but an awesome blogger over on beat me to the punch and has said everything that I would have said about the subject. Way to go Pearl!


Sara said...

that was a great response. i would have said the same thing but not in the same way.

Something Marvellous said...

You gals were right...this would be an interesting story to follow. Because not even a month later, she is in the media for posing for semi-nude photos.